Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday, July 3rd

Sunday is an even slower day at home. I went out to go to church but it doesn't start until 11 am. Imagine that. At most US assemblies that's the start of our second meeting, the Family Bible Hour.You didn't mention this, Myra.  I spoke to a neighbor who told me there might be a children's meeting earlier. So I'll go back soon in hopes of meeting someone. Inconveniences and interruptions are all part of the adventure! And yes, I could have checked yesterday but my phone died. I have the wrong charger and have to wait until Monday to get the right sort. But I have my Garmin and I can still get about.

Sam came yesterday with some needed plug adapters. He was able to tell me about some new connections he found. Apparently Nancy Blakely who married William Carson was a widow by the name of Wasson, a common name in Ballee. Her maiden named was Stewart. Because of this we may be able to go back further. I say we because Sam interest has been piqued. He does not think we're related. But who knows. It's just like the Buffalo & Canadian Sauers. Somewhere in Dirmstein there was a connection. How important it is today is simply a matter of opinion.

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