Friday, July 15, 2011

Now It's Monday

The days have flown by quickly. I've been enjoying investigating Ballymena more. Went to the town hall, called The Braid, on Wednesday. They have a local history set up much like our Historical Society at home. I didn't take pictures as it was a bit  dark so it wouldn't have been good for pictures. I was disappointed though, I was looking for the old town hall. It was replaced years ago. Guess I missed that one.
The papers are so newsy with a lot of interesting pieces and stories. It takes more time to read them compared to the Bflo News. Television is a vast wasteland here as well. They  regularly have  sub titles. I'm not sure if it's for foreigners like me or else their speech is not understood. It's annoying because it's a bit selective and quite slow. Makes news programs very slow in getting to the point. Their accents are. very strong. Your have to put your listening ears on for sure.

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