Monday, July 4, 2011

Inbetween Sunday and Monday

It certainly was odd not hearing ad after ad about "this is Fourth of July  sale" or the fourth is coming. They don't celebrate it for some reason. Instead they celebrate July 12th in celebration of the victory at the Battle of the Boyne some five hundred years ago; a big Protestant celebration. Unfortunately it is not a total country celebration and still tends to be divisive
Sunday was an interesting day. I did enjoy going to the Ballymena Gospel Hall. They were very kind and accepted me at face value along with a letter from my elders. They have the breaking of bread service at 11:30 till 1pm and a Gospel meeting. I plan to go to their weekly meetings as well. Their prayer meeting is on Thursday at 8pm. I would have gone at 6 on Sunday but I had been invited to my friend Sam's to meet his wife and have a little supper.
My time at Sam's farm was great. He showed me again the spot known as Samstown. Last time he made us walk, this time we drove. We revisited all the places we went to before, even the cemetary where Sarah was buried. Aunt Sarah's cottage is far worse than before. It makes me wish I had lots of money to bring it to it's ole self. Not sensible money wise but Sam understood as well. It sits in its dilapidated condition on a large hill/mound with the right size trees behind it and you could imagine her sitting outside surveying her kingdom. Sam told me how she was known to stand akimbo, hands on her hips, telling the hunters to get off her land. Sam reminds me of my brother-in-law Jack Stanton. A man's man, knowing so many things and also able to multi-task. You do not argue with Sam. When I came home yesterday he was moving a horse. Now that's something I don't see in Buffalo. The original Carsontown  dwelling is on Sam's property.  He uses it as an working office. It's strange feeling to take in the idea that my ancestors really live in that simple structure. Jerry, you have to make a trip here. You would love it. I like his wife Cathy and daughter Susie. They have a Pekingese and a little Irish terrier, like the dog named Asta in the Myrna Loy and William Powell movies. cutest little dog and very friendly. I am indebted to Sam for all the help he's given me. But I am truly grateful to the Lord who in His love for me has allowed me the desire of my heart; to go on this grand adventure to Ireland. Thank you so much.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip already. The cottage looks great. Let Sam know that we will definitely be following. When you say Aunt Sarah, is that Sarah Harbeson Logan? And why does Sam not think we are related? If he is connected to Sarah and/or William Carson and Nancy Blakely, then we certainly are. No need to push it yet, but once you get his lineage, we should be able to put the pieces together.

  2. I am so happy that you have gotten over there safely and are settling in. The cottage is lovely! I am curious about the kitchen and bath...what differneces they may hold from what you are accustomed. I have already learned some new things about the Carson's in your posts and look forward to all the tidbits you will share with us!